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Introducing ActionRate, our NEW Call Shop Software – Download today!

We are pleased to announce to our valued customers and resellers the release of the new CALLSHOP Software. This new CALLSHOP software “ActionRate” comes with full functionality including Linksys configuration, rate management, bill pay, reporting, and much more. The CALLSHOP Software ActionRate is available now, to download the software please click here and follow the instructions.

Date:January 16, 2012


Blackdialer is a slick, comprehensive solution that ensures the best quality for all IP networks while providing superior voice clarity even under adverse network conditions.
With this FREE, easy-to-use pc dialer dialer software, you can take advantage of amazing rates and incredible call quality in minimum bandwidth conditions. Blackdialer allows you to easily view your customer call log, check rates, and recharge your account online. Using our simple web based VoIP management tools, you are in control at all times.

Click Here to download or learn more.