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Talkfree Surpasses 1.5 Million Mobile Voip Downloads

TalkFree, a leading international VoIP and mobile VoIP carrier, has surpassed 1.5 million downloads of its mobile VoIP dialers. This comes on the heels of announcing record call completions, SIP-terminated voice minutes, mobile VoIP calls and minutes of use for the sixth consecutive quarter. For the year ending in 2010, TalkFree completed over 280 million calls and exceeded 1.5 billion SIP-terminated voice minutes over its network.

TalkFree was founded in 2003 as an international VoIP service provider. In 2009, the company launched 1LegCall, its first mobile VoIP dialer, and began marketing it through its vast network of resellers operating primarily in Middle Eastern and African countries. 1LegCall was specifically engineered for Nokia cell phones, the most popular brand in these markets. In the first month, thousands of migrant workers and citizens in developing nations downloaded the software and started making calls. Since then, in just six business quarters, TalkFree’s mobile VoIP traffic volume has grown by more than 800 percent.

“Call shop and Internet café owners in our target markets were already familiar with our VoIP service and industry-leading, web-based management system,” says Jean Templin, director of marketing for TalkFree. “When we added our 1legCall mobile VoIP application for the most popular Nokia cell phones in their respective markets, their customers started signing up in droves.”

Earlier this year, TalkFree integrated Short Message Service (SMS) functionality into its mobile VoIP platform so customers could send international SMS messages at a fraction of the rate charged by traditional wireless carriers. The company also launched a second mobile VoIP dialer called Zonefone, and upgraded and expanded its core infrastructure to support hyper growth from its primary markets in the Middle East and Africa, as well as targeted growth in Southeast Asia, South America and Central America.

TalkFree has deep experience with providing VoIP and mobile VoIP services to customers in developing nations. Moreover, the company meets the challenges of operating in developing and regulated markets by engineering unique virtual private network (VPN) solutions that ensure reliable, quality service, and by offering a seamless payment system that doesn’t require a credit card or PayPal account.

TalkFree’s mobile VoIP products are resold by communications distributors, entrepreneurs, businesses, call shop and mobile call shop owners in more than 70 countries.

About TalkFree

TalkFree, Inc., is a leading facilities-based international VoIP and mobile VoIP carrier providing best-in-class services at competitive rates to communications distributors, entrepreneurs, businesses and call shop owners worldwide. The company operates primarily in the Middle East and Africa with targeted growth coming from Southeast Asia and rural areas of South America. It specializes in assisting local in-country communications providers by delivering a turnkey, plug- and-play VoIP “business in a box” with no contractual obligations and inexpensive start-up costs. TalkFree employs and advanced VoIP technologies to offer clear, high-quality voice calls. Its multiple access techniques also ensure high-quality voice connections regardless of Internet traffic volumes. All applications are managed in real time, in local language and local currency, and are supported by customer service experts who are available 24/7. TalkFree, founded in 2003, is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. Learn more about the company at www.talkfree.com.